Monday, December 11, 2017

Here’s How Power Air Fryer Can Help You Get The Jump On 2018’s Healthy-Eating Trends

If we are what we eat, then it’s no wonder that so many food and nutrition experts expect 2018 to be a turn-around year for healthier eating. The slow but sure realization that we’ll only look and feel as good as how we feed ourselves seems to be transforming what’s on the dining horizon. According to a Dec. 9, 2017 article from The Daily Telegraph newspaper, “novelty milkshakes and glazed doughnut fads of 2017 are officially a thing of the past.” As encouraging as this is, it’s news that traditional fried chicken is being dumped in droves in exchange for healthier offerings that should spur at-home chefs to look at what’s on their own plate.

According to the article, there are a number of reasons that once-popular trends like fried food and artisan donuts are on their way out. This logic stems from the fact that people are thinking about the health effects, sustainability and food waste. For example, those concerned about their own dietary dilemmas have recently been turning to the Power Air Fryer appliance as a way to continue cooking variations of finger-food favorites as well as full courses and desserts. The reason that this is possible – even for those who’ve declared fried chicken as a thing of the past – is because the Power Air Fryer doesn’t use oil for frying in the way that a deep fryer does. Rather, super-heated air is circulated in all directions inside this appliance to crisp and brown the foods you love but never saturate them in artery-clogging oil that can easily lead to heart disease, diabetes and more. Best of all, dishes prepared with a Power Air Fryer are going to contain hundreds of fewer calories so you’ll have a health-friendly dish prepared in a unique way.

As for the other two concerns that the newspaper cited as reasons why diners are diverging from decadent dishes like Americanized over-sized cheeseburgers, vegetable-based dishes are more Earth-friendly. That’s because the resources required to grow a field of potatoes and corn are far less than raising cattle. The operator of a boutique take-out produce business told the newspaper, “People are far more aware of things like waste and where their food is coming from and they will make the effort to support smaller growers and producers in a way that we have never seen before.”

For those who want to hop on the healthy-eating trend and learn about what’s being served at progressive restaurants before anyone else, we encourage you to research air frying. That’s because this technique and the appliance that makes re-invented French fries and roasted turkey possible is one of the best ways to start changing your eating habits and home. In return, your family – and probably your doctor, too – will thank you later.

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