Friday, October 20, 2017

Calling All Waffle Fry Lovers: This At-Home Approach Is Far Healthier Than Deep Fried Option

The beloved French fry comes in many forms: steak, crinkle cut, curly, sweet potato, wedge and shoestring to name a few. However, none of these cuts can hold a candle to the waffle fry. That’s because in so many ways, the waffle fry is the definitive version of what every other type of French fry aspires to be. Oversized, almost always seasoned and filling when worked into a meal, the waffle fry is just about the best use of a potato that we can think of. This raises two questions: How can I make waffle fries at home and is there a healthier way to go about cooking them? The answer is “yes” to both questions, and we’ll even explain how a Power Air Fryer can make this a much healthier appetizer.

To answer the first question, the only thing you need to prepare a plate of waffle fries at home is a mandoline. In fact, this cutting apparatus is the only way to cut waffle fries into their recognizable shape. With a little research, you’ll be able to find a mandolin that’s adjustable and will offer uses outside of waffle fries – such as eggplant or carrots. Some at-home chefs will say that this kitchen gadget may be seldom used, but one plate of homemade waffle fries should be enough to convince critics that waffle fries are the only way to go when whipping up the much-loved French fry side dish. Moving on to cooking your freshly-cut  potatoes, there are two choices but only one is the right way for those who want to provide a healthier meal for themselves and their families. While many think that the deep fryer is the only way to prepare French fries, headline after headline that shows just how bad frequently eating fried food is for you should be enough to encourage us to look into alternatives.

One of those  new options is a Power Air Fryer and the revolutionary cooking technique that it employs. That’s because this appliance requires no artery-clogging oil to cook a typically “fried” food. Rather, items that are placed inside the Power Air Fryer basket are cooked crisp and brown through the rapid circulation of air that’s heated up to 400 degrees. When cooking waffle fries, a crunchy final product is important, so we’re pleased to report that this appliance delivers a traditional-looking product. However, your typical appetizer fare is far from the only  thing that a Power Air Fryer can cook. In fact, entire dinners, side dishes and even some deserts can be prepared in this appliance and in a shorter period of time than it would take to cook them in an oven. If you’re looking for a new recipe to try at home, then pick up a mandoline and a Power Air Fryer and give homemade waffle fries a try!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Here's How You Can Safely Fry a Chicken at Home

If you like to eat fried chicken, but don’t want to purchase it pre-fried at the supermarket, you can do it at home. Just purchase a full chicken from the grocery store that has not yet been fried. If you don’t have a fryer yet, be sure to get a power air fryer. Here are some tips for frying a chicken at home.

Be Safe

You can be safe when frying a chicken at home by using a power air fryer instead of a fryer using oil. Oil is very dangerous. It can burn you and it can cause a fire if not used properly. You will find that a power air fryer offers plenty of safety no matter the type of food you are frying.

Season the Chicken

Make sure you season the chicken to your liking. It’s recommended that you use a dry rub for the chicken if you are going to fry it. The power air fryer reviews show that this appliance can also bake, roast, and saute. So, you have plenty of options if you choose not to fry the chicken.

Set the Fryer

Set the fryer to a recommended time and temperature based on the recipe that you choose. The fryer can heat to 400 degrees quite quickly, so if you decide to increase the temperature it won’t be a problem. Once you set the fryer be sure to set the timer, too.

Monitor Progress

You can monitor the progress of the chicken as it fries in the power air fryer. You will be able to check the chicken throughout and even open the fryer as it is in use. Just be sure you don’t stop frying the chicken before it is thoroughly cooked.

Try a home-fried chicken the next time you want to use your power air fryer!