Friday, December 22, 2017

Cooking the Perfect Turkey for the Holidays

For those of you planning to host a house full of friends and family this holiday season, cooking the perfect dinner is always a top priority. You don’t want to go wrong with the food, it can leave a lasting impression on your guests. Food always seems to be the center of every family gathering during the holidays, so be sure you know how to cook the perfect turkey dinner this holiday season with an air fryer.

The first thing you will need is a turkey. Head to your local supermarket and purchase one that you think is big enough to feed the number of guests who will be at your home for dinner. Whether you want to serve turkey on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or New Year’s Day, it’s important to pick one that is big enough for your guests.

The next step is to acquire an air fryer. We’ve all heard the stories about frying a turkey and starting a fire. You don’t have to worry about that when using an air fryer, which is a fryer without oil. The oil is what causes the fires in the first place, so eliminating it altogether makes the cooking situation much safer.

If you aren’t in the mood for turkey when the family visits you can do so much more with a fryer without oil. You can saute, grill, bake and even roast your meal. So, if turkey isn’t on the menu, you can add chicken, steak, salmon, and even desserts using an air fryer.

A fryer such as this one uses air pressure to cook the food you choose, including a turkey. You won’t have to worry about drying out the turkey either since there will be no oil present. Not only is this a safer way to cook, it’s also a healthier way to cook.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Here’s How Power Air Fryer Can Help You Get The Jump On 2018’s Healthy-Eating Trends

If we are what we eat, then it’s no wonder that so many food and nutrition experts expect 2018 to be a turn-around year for healthier eating. The slow but sure realization that we’ll only look and feel as good as how we feed ourselves seems to be transforming what’s on the dining horizon. According to a Dec. 9, 2017 article from The Daily Telegraph newspaper, “novelty milkshakes and glazed doughnut fads of 2017 are officially a thing of the past.” As encouraging as this is, it’s news that traditional fried chicken is being dumped in droves in exchange for healthier offerings that should spur at-home chefs to look at what’s on their own plate.

According to the article, there are a number of reasons that once-popular trends like fried food and artisan donuts are on their way out. This logic stems from the fact that people are thinking about the health effects, sustainability and food waste. For example, those concerned about their own dietary dilemmas have recently been turning to the Power Air Fryer appliance as a way to continue cooking variations of finger-food favorites as well as full courses and desserts. The reason that this is possible – even for those who’ve declared fried chicken as a thing of the past – is because the Power Air Fryer doesn’t use oil for frying in the way that a deep fryer does. Rather, super-heated air is circulated in all directions inside this appliance to crisp and brown the foods you love but never saturate them in artery-clogging oil that can easily lead to heart disease, diabetes and more. Best of all, dishes prepared with a Power Air Fryer are going to contain hundreds of fewer calories so you’ll have a health-friendly dish prepared in a unique way.

As for the other two concerns that the newspaper cited as reasons why diners are diverging from decadent dishes like Americanized over-sized cheeseburgers, vegetable-based dishes are more Earth-friendly. That’s because the resources required to grow a field of potatoes and corn are far less than raising cattle. The operator of a boutique take-out produce business told the newspaper, “People are far more aware of things like waste and where their food is coming from and they will make the effort to support smaller growers and producers in a way that we have never seen before.”

For those who want to hop on the healthy-eating trend and learn about what’s being served at progressive restaurants before anyone else, we encourage you to research air frying. That’s because this technique and the appliance that makes re-invented French fries and roasted turkey possible is one of the best ways to start changing your eating habits and home. In return, your family – and probably your doctor, too – will thank you later.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

These 3 Positive Power Air Fryer Reviews Succinctly Show Benefits Of This Appliance

At some point, we all reach the inevitable conclusion that the deep-fried fare we’d grown to love as kids is in fact wreaking havoc on our health. The combination of oil-soaked foods that have had nutritional benefits nullified through deep frying are simply dishes that should seldom end up on our plates. After making the decision that it’s time to cut out fried food once and for all, the search is often on to find a way to prepare the replacement meals. If you’re anything like us, you still want to recreate the crisp crunch of fried food without the calorie-heavy oil. If that’s the case, then it’s time to read up on the three power air fryer reviews below that we think succinctly summarize some of the ways that this appliance can improve your life.

An air fryer has been designed with health benefits in mind. Through the rapid circulation of super-heated air, the French fries, chicken wings and onion rings retain the same texture you’ve always loved. However, the cooking is with little to no oil and a drip tray has also been installed in this appliance. Thus, any grease that comes out of your food during cooking will fall to the bottom and not end up on your plate or soaking through a napkin that was used to blot excess grease out before eating. As with all new purchases, consumers are likely to seek out power air fryer reviews to see if this is the right fit for them. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the more insightful, unique and encouraging reviews currently available to show you just how much of a benefit this appliance can truly be.

“I have only used my fryer to bake meat and roast veggies, but am loving how it cooks so quickly and evenly. I'm looking forward to trying out some fried food,” one air fryer owner wrote in November 2017.

“Absolutely love my Air Fryer XL. I've cooked French fries, onion rings, homemade chicken tenders, bacon-wrapped hot dogs and many other things. I have used spray oil to make easier the turning of chicken without losing the crust,” another user wrote in October 2017, noting that a minuscule amount of oil can be sprayed during the cooking process.

“I'm a dialysis patient and fried foods are off-limits for me. Since I bought my air fryer, I am able to have foods that I haven't had in years. I highly recommend it,” another October 2017 review notes.

These are but three out of thousands of positive power air fryer reviews that show how this purchase can actually improve your lifestyle. We encourage you to make your kitchen a more lively and healthier place through the addition of this appliance.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Calling All Waffle Fry Lovers: This At-Home Approach Is Far Healthier Than Deep Fried Option

The beloved French fry comes in many forms: steak, crinkle cut, curly, sweet potato, wedge and shoestring to name a few. However, none of these cuts can hold a candle to the waffle fry. That’s because in so many ways, the waffle fry is the definitive version of what every other type of French fry aspires to be. Oversized, almost always seasoned and filling when worked into a meal, the waffle fry is just about the best use of a potato that we can think of. This raises two questions: How can I make waffle fries at home and is there a healthier way to go about cooking them? The answer is “yes” to both questions, and we’ll even explain how a Power Air Fryer can make this a much healthier appetizer.

To answer the first question, the only thing you need to prepare a plate of waffle fries at home is a mandoline. In fact, this cutting apparatus is the only way to cut waffle fries into their recognizable shape. With a little research, you’ll be able to find a mandolin that’s adjustable and will offer uses outside of waffle fries – such as eggplant or carrots. Some at-home chefs will say that this kitchen gadget may be seldom used, but one plate of homemade waffle fries should be enough to convince critics that waffle fries are the only way to go when whipping up the much-loved French fry side dish. Moving on to cooking your freshly-cut  potatoes, there are two choices but only one is the right way for those who want to provide a healthier meal for themselves and their families. While many think that the deep fryer is the only way to prepare French fries, headline after headline that shows just how bad frequently eating fried food is for you should be enough to encourage us to look into alternatives.

One of those  new options is a Power Air Fryer and the revolutionary cooking technique that it employs. That’s because this appliance requires no artery-clogging oil to cook a typically “fried” food. Rather, items that are placed inside the Power Air Fryer basket are cooked crisp and brown through the rapid circulation of air that’s heated up to 400 degrees. When cooking waffle fries, a crunchy final product is important, so we’re pleased to report that this appliance delivers a traditional-looking product. However, your typical appetizer fare is far from the only  thing that a Power Air Fryer can cook. In fact, entire dinners, side dishes and even some deserts can be prepared in this appliance and in a shorter period of time than it would take to cook them in an oven. If you’re looking for a new recipe to try at home, then pick up a mandoline and a Power Air Fryer and give homemade waffle fries a try!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Here's How You Can Safely Fry a Chicken at Home

If you like to eat fried chicken, but don’t want to purchase it pre-fried at the supermarket, you can do it at home. Just purchase a full chicken from the grocery store that has not yet been fried. If you don’t have a fryer yet, be sure to get a power air fryer. Here are some tips for frying a chicken at home.

Be Safe

You can be safe when frying a chicken at home by using a power air fryer instead of a fryer using oil. Oil is very dangerous. It can burn you and it can cause a fire if not used properly. You will find that a power air fryer offers plenty of safety no matter the type of food you are frying.

Season the Chicken

Make sure you season the chicken to your liking. It’s recommended that you use a dry rub for the chicken if you are going to fry it. The power air fryer reviews show that this appliance can also bake, roast, and saute. So, you have plenty of options if you choose not to fry the chicken.

Set the Fryer

Set the fryer to a recommended time and temperature based on the recipe that you choose. The fryer can heat to 400 degrees quite quickly, so if you decide to increase the temperature it won’t be a problem. Once you set the fryer be sure to set the timer, too.

Monitor Progress

You can monitor the progress of the chicken as it fries in the power air fryer. You will be able to check the chicken throughout and even open the fryer as it is in use. Just be sure you don’t stop frying the chicken before it is thoroughly cooked.

Try a home-fried chicken the next time you want to use your power air fryer!