Monday, October 9, 2017

Here's How You Can Safely Fry a Chicken at Home

If you like to eat fried chicken, but don’t want to purchase it pre-fried at the supermarket, you can do it at home. Just purchase a full chicken from the grocery store that has not yet been fried. If you don’t have a fryer yet, be sure to get a power air fryer. Here are some tips for frying a chicken at home.

Be Safe

You can be safe when frying a chicken at home by using a power air fryer instead of a fryer using oil. Oil is very dangerous. It can burn you and it can cause a fire if not used properly. You will find that a power air fryer offers plenty of safety no matter the type of food you are frying.

Season the Chicken

Make sure you season the chicken to your liking. It’s recommended that you use a dry rub for the chicken if you are going to fry it. The power air fryer reviews show that this appliance can also bake, roast, and saute. So, you have plenty of options if you choose not to fry the chicken.

Set the Fryer

Set the fryer to a recommended time and temperature based on the recipe that you choose. The fryer can heat to 400 degrees quite quickly, so if you decide to increase the temperature it won’t be a problem. Once you set the fryer be sure to set the timer, too.

Monitor Progress

You can monitor the progress of the chicken as it fries in the power air fryer. You will be able to check the chicken throughout and even open the fryer as it is in use. Just be sure you don’t stop frying the chicken before it is thoroughly cooked.

Try a home-fried chicken the next time you want to use your power air fryer!

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